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Karenna Lakshmi the owner of KG Divine Spiritual Spa and certified Reiki Master, Angel Card Reader, Medium and Published Author loves to bring Healing to the community.

Reiki has many benefits.  Reiki is not only just for people who are on a Spiritual Journey but anyone can do Reiki.  Recently Karenna received messages from the Angels, why it is also beneficial for Parents who have kids with disabilities such as Autism, disabled children (all ages). 

Reiki also allows you to become more intuitive.  It can be very frustrating when you cannot communicate with your children or your loved ones verbally.  You connect with your Angels and you can pinpoint what area of the body you are doing Reiki on.   Reiki has many benefits, such as removing blockages, if there is stagnant energy, the Reiki helps the energy flow much better.  

So parents to better help your relationship with your loved ones it would be beneficial for you to take Reiki Certification 1.

Reiki is also very beneficial for Nurse’s, Caregivers, Hairstylist, and Esthetician’s and Massage Therapist.   Anyone who is in the field of helping patients or clients.

Reiki is Universal Energy. 

Karenna has seen for herself how Reiki can heal

Karenna is offering a Reiki Certification One at a discounted price.  Normally $500.  Now $195