Do you believe in Miracles?

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Do you believe in Miracles?

I do.   Thanksgiving a couple of years ago I was rushing to go to my friend’s house for Thanksgiving.   I had met a local Artist who channels the Blessed Mother.  His Art is so amazing that I wanted to share his work.  As I was leaving my house I quickly took a photograph of his sketch.  I took it so quickly and wasn’t sure if it was clear so I decided to take another one.   I rushed over to my friend’s house.

When I arrived there I showed her the sketch of the Blessed Mother.  My friend looked at me and asked what was in the photo.   I wasn’t sure what she was talking about and explained it was a sketch of the Blessed Mother.  She asked again what was in the picture.  I took a look and there was a rose.   I couldn’t believe it.

After dinner I decided to come back home and check to see if there was a rose anywhere in my house.  Or maybe even a reflection of a rose.  No of course there wasn’t.  I had been sent a rose from the Blessed Mother.

I believe she will give messages to those who believe in her.   I also believe it is because of the heartache for Mothers who have a child that has passed.  After all, she would know.

The rose was sent to me because I have a son that passed 7 years ago.  The Blessed Mother helps heal your pain.  Losing a child to the other side is devastating.  There are no words.   If you have faith, there is healing.

Now do you believe in Miracles?

Anita Mahi

Owner of KG Divine Wellness & Beauty Center