My name is Anita Mahi and I am the owner of this business.  I wanted to share with you the most beautiful experiences that we are having at my Center.  I just recently started Sound Bath Healing sessions and to my delight, my clients are experiencing the most beautiful experiences during this healing session.  It has been a surprise even too me.   I didn’t realize how powerful the Crystal Singing Bowls were myself.   Before I start my session, I ask Archangel Michael to protect our space and take anything negative far into the Universe and then I call in the Ascended Masters and Angels to help with my sessions.   I do not see them but I have Healers that I know actually do.  Is this hard to believe, yes, but it’s true.  After my last class on the weekend, I got a message that Buddha was in one corner of the room and my son was there too.

For those who don’t know about my journey, I have a son who has crossed over to the other side.  He passed at the age of only 20 years old.  You see, as I learnt on my Spiritual Journey, my son had to leave the physical world early for us to do this work together.  He does his journey from the other side and I do it from this side.  I had to get to a place in my life to open the doors of KG Divine Wellness and Beauty Center are here to bring healing for our community.  For your physical self and your beautiful Soul.  The Ascended Masters and Angels are here to help assist in our Healing Sessions.   Isn’t this unbelievable?  But again I tell you it is true.  The Ascended Masters, Angels are here to help.

So why not try a Sound Bath Healing Session at KG Divine Wellness & Beauty Center.  Let’s see what you experience.

We offer fabulous services, a one stop shop.  Are you looking for a Crystal shop?  Make sure to take a peek when you visit us.

We offer Psychic Nails, Pedicures and Manicures also receive messages while having these fabulous services. Facials, Aroma touch, Waxing, Reiki, Angel Card Readings, Sound Ceremonies, Drum Circle, Class’s and Events.  And much more!!!